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Kids are active, so many times the best vision correction option for kids is contact lenses.  There are many different brands to meet all your needs and Dr. Abraham ensures that your child knows how to care for their lenses.

Fall is also the time when school sports are back in full swing.  Whether it is football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, or wrestling, your child needs the best vision they can achieve and the best eye protection they deserve.  For most sports, contact lenses are the best choice of visual correction.  For sports where eye injuries are more common, protective sport goggles are a must, especially those associated with high velocity.  If you are looking to improve your performance, stop in for a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS VISION TEST.  It is quick and by comparing your results to those of professional athletes, it will determine if you are lacking in one or more of the five most important visual skills associated with sports.  Lenses or therapy can improve these skills and improve your sports performance.

Kids are going off  to college again too.  What could be easier for them to remember than DAILY DISPOSABLE CONTACT LENSES?  There is no solution, cases, or calendars to keep track of.  At the end of the day, you throw them away and in the morning start with a FRESH new pair.  This greatly reduces the risk associated with contact lens wear and is more economical than you think.  AND, it's one less thing for parents to worry about!

Fall is also the time to get ready for the HOLIDAYS.....remember

     * a second pair of glasses is great to go along with weekend or party attire

    * Can't get in to the office?  Try our Virtual Eyeglass Try-On from home!