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We have been bombarded this summer with the release of blockbuster movies in 3D.  The option to put on a pair of special glasses to watch a movie in 3D has been a great experience for most people.  Feeling like you are "right in the action" can be an exciting experience.  But.... maybe you got nauseous or dizzy, or ended up with a headache.  Or....maybe it did not look 3D to you!  If so, you maybe one of the millions of people with a binocular vision disorder who can not view these movies comfortably.

If watching 3D movies is not a pleasurable experience for you, schedule a vision examination to determine if this is the case.  If a disorder is diagnosed, then glasses with a special muscle correction called PRISM maybe all you need.  If your problem is more involved, then vision therapy may be necessary to eliminate the disorder.