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Should You Buy Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses on the Internet?

Though many people are used to shopping for more and more products online, eyeglasses are an item that you are better off purchasing in person. Here's why. Although you may find reduced rates on the Internet, the benefits of purchasing glasses at an optician far exceed the ''deals'' you might find on the Web.

One of the most important reasons for purchasing your glasses at an optical boutique is that you have a qualified optician to help you make your decision. Our staff can advise you in the countless considerations you will account for in purchasing a pair of eyeglasses. If you purchase through the Internet, you don't have the specialized advice of a professional optician.

Since your head shape and eye shape are unique, it is hard to select properly fitted eyeglasses without first trying them on. An eye doctor will consider your measurements and choose a pair of glasses that fit you appropriately and won't cause discomfort. Glasses that are too narrow tend to cause pressure and headaches, while those that are too wide can quickly fall off the bridge of your nose. Online eye wear sites may give suggestions, however this can't replace a professional opinion.

Even more than the fit and feel of your eyeglasses, good eyesight demands correct PD calculation. The optical focus of your lenses provides you the best vision, making it essential to properly measure the space between your pupils, or PD. It can be tricky to assess your PD by on your own, but without it, your lenses won't be positioned properly within the frames.

Yes, online shopping is often perfect for other commodities, but with glasses your best bet is sticking to your regular optometry center where you can benefit from the staff expertise and advice.