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Test Your “EYE-Q”

Take this short test on common questions relating to vision and eye care. You can check your score with the answers that follow the test. If you scored 8, or better, classify your EYE-Q asâ?¦ 20/20!

Educators agree that a high percentage of our knowledge comes through vision. This percentage is approximately:

a) 63%

b) 85%

c) 98%


20/20 means:

a) that eyesight is perfectly normal

b) that a person has no astigmatism

c) that one sees a “size 20” letter at 20 feet


The best distance to sit from a 21-inch television screen is:

a) 6 feet

b) 7 ½ feet

c) 11 feet


What is the most common vision problem?

a) cataracts

b) nearsightedness

c) astigmatism


It is estimated that the number of contact lens wearers in the U.S. are:

a) 2 million

b) 5-6 million

c) over 20 million


Who invented the bifocal?

a) Benjamin Franklin

b) Leonardo DaVinci

c) Albert Einstein


The vast majority of visual corrections is prescribed by:

a) Opticians

b) Optometrists

c) Ophthalmologists


The idea for contact lenses was first conceived in:

a) 1508

b) 1827

c) 1940


In the United States, disease of the eye are found in:

a) 2% of the population

b) 5% of the population

c) 12 % of the population


What percentage of children who have reading difficulties have vision problems?

a) 10%

b) 25%

c) 50%


8=a, 4=c, 10=c, 1=b, 5=c, 9=a, 6=a, 3=c, 7=b, 2=c