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Children’s and Sports Vision Center

Pediatric (Children’s Care) and Vision Development – Salem, Ohio

salem-photo-DSC3259Dr. Carmela Abraham is completely dedicated to children’s vision in Salem and the link between vision and learning. The Children’s Vision Center is located on the lower level of our Salem, Ohio office, where the setting is child-oriented and family friendly. It begins with a reception area and playroom filled with toys and activities to keep kids occupied. The exam utilizes familiar cartoon characters to help kids feel at ease. There is also the option of a completely “eye drop free” exam with our Optomap technology to ensure a “no tears or fears” experience. We stock hundreds of children’s frames, and a selection of sport frames, to ensure that your children will love their glasses. The exam involves an investigation of all aspects of vision. This includes eye tracking, focusing, convergence, coordination, alignment, and perceptual skills. These skills deal with the inter-relationship of vision and learning. Our READALYZER technology specifically tests eye movement skills while a child reads to determine if faulty tracking skills are effecting reading performance. The children’s vision exam also investigates vision as it relates to sports performance. Accurate aiming, catching, and balance skills depend on an efficient visual system. Vision Therapy is offered to remediate any deficient visual skills. It involves a set of exercises and activities proven to improve visual function. The staff has been trained extensively in vision therapy procedures through national seminars at the Southern College of Optometry. Through therapy, children learn to control their eye movements, and use their eyes more efficiently so that they are more responsive to educational processes. If your child is having problems at school, on the field, or is just not seeing very well, Dr. Abraham and the staff of the Children’s Vision Center in Salem will provide all the necessary testing and services to ensure your child is functioning at optimum levels.

Vision Therapy

salem-photo-DSC3262Vision therapy has been used for more than one hundred years and is proven to effectively eliminate focusing, tracking, eye turns, and convergence problems, all of which effect a child’s ability to obtain information in a classroom setting. Twenty-five percent of children have a visual skill problem which effects learning. These children are inappropriately placed in remedial education services or mistakenly prescribed ADD medications for problems which are stemmed from an inefficient visual system. Through a comprehensive learning related exam, Dr. Abraham can identify if this type of problem exists. She also utilizes this area’s only READALYZER, which uses infra-red technology to give detailed information on how your eyes move while you are reading. This technology will uncover many reading difficulties which can be attributed to faulty eye tracking skills. If a learning-related vision problem is identified, then vision therapy is offered to remediate the vision problem. Vision therapy consists of a set of activities and exercises that specifically target visual skills necessary for optimum visual performance. These skills are also important in sports. Accurate aiming, catching, eye-hand coordination, and balance skills all depend on an effective visual system. For the serious athlete, these skills can be enhanced to improve batting averages, shooting scores, putting skills, etc. Vision therapy is an effective solution to many ailments which manifest in learning or sport’s performance skills, we are proud to provide this advanced level of service to our patients.

Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. Many vision problems affect a child’s school performance, especially the ability to read efficiently and with comprehension. These problems are often undetected through routine school screenings, as the child’s “sight” may be adequate.

The Salem Eyecare Center offers this area’s only Children’s Center for vision therapy. We test the ability of the eyes to receive, process, and communicate information. If a deficiency is detected, Dr. Abraham customizes therapy regimens to fit your child’s needs. Many problems attributed to focusing and eye muscle coordination are trained with a 95% success rate. We also do developmental testing to uncover perceptual deficiencies associated with visual development. Your major medical insurance may cover these services.

The Children’s Vision Exam – Salem

salem photo DSC3257 salem-photo-DSC3257Because a frightened child cannot perform to his best ability, we combine a child-friendly environment with the latest technical instruments to achieve a comfortable, happy and accurate examination. Our comprehensive examination includes:

  • A complete medical, school performance, and optical case history
  • Visual acuity measurement
  • Color vision testing
  • Depth perception testing
  • Glaucoma Screening
  • Complete testing of a child’s focusing, eye muscle, and eye tracking systems
  • Dilation of the pupil to effectively examine internal structures of the eye
  • Developmental testing, if indicated
  • A complete discussion of the doctor’s findings

We take our time with your child to ensure accurate results. Please ask questions, or add information that you feel will enhance your child’s exam in Salem, Ohio.

A Note to Parents

School vision screenings and pediatrician vision screenings are merely that… screening. To detect many vision problems, you need to schedule an appointment for a complete eye exam. Children need their eyes examined at certain developmental periods, including

  • Birth, and again by 3 months. This is usually performed by your pediatrician to rule out physical defects.
  • 6 months. An optometrist can ensure your child’s vision is developing properly, as at this age all information is received through your child’s eyes.
  • 3 years. An optometrist can ensure proper vision development.
  • Yearly. School age children require yearly examination
  • Any time a problem or concern arises.

Squinting, holding reading material close to the face, avoidance of visual tasks, inattention, and poor school performance are some telltale signs that your child might have vision problems. Don’t rely on your child to tell you he or she is having problems. Most children assume everyone else sees the they do.

Performance Sports Vision – Salem

salem-photo-performancevision salem-photo-DSC3253
The role of vision in sports performance has recently become another area for sports enthusiasts to enhance their performance. Using special technology called THE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS VISION TESTING SYSTEM, our sports vision team at The Salem Eyecare center can evaluate the visual abilities that separate elite athletes from those that are considered above T average. Performance on the playing field is directed foremost by our vision. How we are able to see and interpret visual information determines how quickly and accurately we can perform. If you are looking for that competitive edge, we have the technology to help you succeed. Visit our office for all your sports vision needs in Salem, OH.