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Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses

Our Eyewear


The Salem Eyecare Center has the area’s largest selection of high end designer frames, eye glasses and sunglasses. We also offer a wide variety of contact lenses that are guaranteed to suit your individual needs.

Coach, Fendi, Calvin Klein, LaFont, and Dior are just some of the desginers you may see in our office. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which style or frame is the correct choice for you! Our highly skilled optician team will help you select the style, shape, and color of eye glasses or sun glasses that are right for your eyes.

Contact Lenses

For many persons, contact lenses are a wonderful way to see the world.

salem-photo-contactlensIn our office, we offer a variety of lenses, including:

  • Planned Replacement Lenses
  • soft
  • flexible wear
  • disposable
  • soft lenses for astigmatism
  • rigid gas permeable
  • bifocal (rigid and soft)
  • tinted
  • opaque (eye color changing)

Recent developments in contact lenses and their care systems make contact lens wear more comfortable and convenient than ever, so even if you’ve had negative experiences with contact lenses, or been told that you cannot wear them because of your prescription, you might be surprised that you can wear them now. In our office we:

  • customize each fit to insure you get what you need
  • offer contact lens solutions at discount prices
  • explain all your lens options
  • provide full contact lens insertion and removal training sessions, and explain how to clean and disinfect your lenses.


Kids are more active than ever, and they desire the convenience contact lenses provide when participating in sports. With the new frequent replacement regimens, young teens can wear contacts with lesser risk of problems. We monitor your child’s vision and eye health closely to ensure a healthy fit and wear of contact lenses. Our office offers a variety of lenses including:

  • soft
  • disposable
  • soft lenses for astigmatism
  • tinted
  • opaque (eye color changing)
  • gas permeable