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Carmela Abraham OD


Dr. Carmela Abraham, Optometrist, is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. She completed an externship at the Veteran’s Hospital of Columbus, Ohio and has written articles for local newspapers on eye health.

Dr. Abraham’s interest lies in behavioral optometry, which covers the development of functional vision and how it relates to learning. “Seeing” is only 1 component of vision, you must be able to receive the information, process it, and then communicate through your visual, auditory, motor, and language skills. Since 90% of learning is through the visual systems, this input system is a critical component to development.

The Salem Eyecare Children’s Center is dedicated to providing your child with a thorough learning-related examination. Dr. Abraham tests all aspects of vision to ensure you have the whole picture of the visual system, not just sight. She regularly attends continuing education seminars to provide the most comprehensive eye care, including detection and treatment of eye disorders.

Dr. Abraham is active with the Canfield Lions Club and New Waterford Lions Club with whom she conducts vision screenings for kindergarten, first, and third grade students at several local schools. Recently, she has been awarded the Lion of the Year, Knight of the Blind, and Melvin Jones awards for her service to the community. These volunteer services reach more than 1000 students annually.

Sports Performance Vision

We are happy to announce the addition of Sports Vision Testing to the services we offer. Utilizing the Professional Sports Vision Testing System, Dr. Abraham will test sport-specific visual skills, then compare your results to those of professional athletes. The test provides information on improving your abilities to give you that competitive edge that serious athletes require to perform at elite levels. A complete Sports Vision Examination is also offered to measure various performance-based skills indepth. Vision in the areas of contrast sensitivity, depth perception, dynamic visual acuity, speed of recognition, eye hand coordination, and peripheral awareness are investigated and may be improved through performance lenses or vision training.