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Vision Insurance Coverage

VSP Insurance in Salem, Ohio

In order to help you get the most coverage from your insurance plan, Salem Eyecare Center works with VSP in Salem, OH, as well as with many other major medical and vision insurance plans.

If you are right here in Salem or just a short drive away from our eye doctor in Canfield, Boardman or Alliance, our eye exam team will ensure you get the highest quality vision care from VSP or any other vision insurance plan.

A medical or vision insurance policy plan like VSP helps pay for the cost of vision care services including a comprehensive eye exam, sunglasses, or other eye care related expenses.

At The Salem Eyecare Center we accept:

  • VSP
  • Eyemed
  • Medicare
  • and more!

VSP Salem, OH


Salem Eyecare Center is an open-access provider for many insurances through Anagram

Contact our Salem eye care center today to find out more about your eligibility and coverage and the vision and medical insurance plan policies at The Salem Eyecare Center, your VSP provider in Salem, OH.

If you are in Salem, Canfield, Boardman or Alliance, our VSP approved optometrist is just a short drive away.